Could we get significant biological intelligence enhancements long before AGI?

  • Probably not (if AGI is doable within a few generations). It is surprisingly difficult to make the brain much more powerful than it currently is

  • The brain is designed to be very energy efficient

  • We are limited in the overclocking we can do without creating excessive heat

  • Evolution doesn’t want your neurology to be easy to mess with (to make parasites have a harder time hacking your cognition), so you have a complex web of interactions which are hard to hack

  • Check whether neuro transmitters are actually toxic (yes,of%20these%20neurotransmitters%205%E2%80%93%207.)

  • Enhancing biology e.g. putting a propeller on a bird and make it better that way is harder than building a flying machine from scratch with technology, similar to why we’ll likely get AGI before WBE

  • Outside the overton window and at least one full generation later is Iterated Embryo Selection, but this won’t happen and probably would not be quick enough for AI timelines.

  • Evolution is a hacky mess, where it’s hard to make large changes without breaking a lot of other things. A mud ball of spaghetti code in programming terms.

Whilst this is possible, AI technologies seem to be progressing much faster than cognitive enhancement.